A sampling from the archives. More here.

Coping with uncouth neighbours

North Korea’s tourism workers may look down on their boorish northern visitors but they also appreciate their big-spending ways. Read more at South China Morning Post

Gays in Myanmar are living in a secret world

Myanmese gays must defy the law and a hostile culture to practise their sexuality, but see signs of hope in a changing country. Read more at South China Morning Post

The many hitches of Myanmar

There is pleasure to be seized in experiencing a country on the cusp of change — not quite open yet, as the world demands in this globalized era, but getting there — and the urgency with which you want to catch this unspoiled moment in your hands before the truckloads, busloads, and planeloads of tourists ruin whatever simple magic and quaintness it once held, like colonial architecture, or shitty internet. Read more at Rappler

No Trillanes magic

Mutineer Navy Lt. Antonio Trillanes IV won a seat in the Philippine senate – a spectacular victory for a man who was in jail the entire time. Why couldn’t his fellow detained rebels do the same in the 2010 election? Read more at

The rise of President Noynoy’s nanny

Incoming Defense Secretary Gazmin has the track record and skills to lead the Department of National Defense (DND), but his best asset is that he has the full trust of President Benigno
“Noynoy” Aquino III. Read more at Newsbreak

A portrait of the artist as oddball

He’s worked for a suspected serial killer, found love at a funeral parlor, and made tons of money selling erotic and heavenly art. Surely, when it comes to Filipino contemporary painter Fernando Modesto’s life, you just never know what to expect. Read more at



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