Kristine Servando is a former Manila-based reporter turned copy editor  (who moved to Indonesia and then Hong Kong). She developed the annoying (but delicious!) habit of photographing food after finding that, between writing articles and doing hardcore research, blogging about edibles gave her something to look forward to each f*#ing day.

She is partial to all things cheesy, stocking 80% of her fridge at any given time with a variety of cheeses, and loves cooking pasta and making unhealthy salads. A former vegetarian of 4 years, she ended her run the day she smelled sizzling bacon. She can cook a mean mushroom-stuffed ravioli from scratch and generally knows her way around a sausage.

She has a soft spot for unpopular, hence marginalized, flavors like lemon cream gelato or peanut butter-and-mayonnaise sandwiches. She also loves alcohol, which fuels her scant wit and makes her fall off chairs.

If you must:
kristine.servando [at] gmail.com or tweet me @tinssoldier

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