How to Make a Good Sandwich by Dan Powell

Or, Dan makes a meal out of his meat and political beliefs

He was giving me a litany of his previous jobs one night and I don’t know why the only thing that came alive in my head was the fact he’d worked at a deli.

I suppose it’s because I immediately imagined, just like I do when I think of him as manager of an all-night diner called Sparky’s, that he was wearing those tiny paper-boat caps, which I have always found endearing.

What you can expect from him today.

While some in the copy crew were assembling tacos another day, he let slip that he was “obscenely proud” of his ability to make a good sandwich, the cornerstone of which was his talent at meat-folding.
When a colleague asked about the role butter played in the assembly, I don’t remember if Dan was arguing for or against it, but I do recall he made an impassioned speech (right up there with his rutabaga manifesto).

When he consumed an entire sword of a baguette at work, and “inhaled” an entire pizza, I knew he was serious about his bread by-products.

He had promised to make me an excellent sandwich, and later he made us all a tantalizing offer to haul over some deli meats and make a sandwich station out of one of the Globe’s empty desks so the subs can eat subs. But it was more than a year after I’d moved away when I finally badgered him into giving me his sandwich demo.

Just as he described it, I asked for a sandwich, and he gave me … a show.

Dan’s Manwich from K Servando on Vimeo.


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