Jack, Johnny and Jim

A partial inventory of the things I ate while unemployed.

At Cajun Red Rock, you can have your food and drink it too. They’ve got Cajun bourbon ribs (Php 300 plus) and supreme espresso sauces, so I don’t get why they don’t serve alcohol at the mall outlet.

If you’re interested, what is Cajun cuisine anyway?  “In broad terms, Creole cooking is city cooking, based on French traditions, but with influences from Spain, Africa, Germany, Italy, the West Indies, etc. Cajun cooking is peasant food, the cooking the Acadians (later Cajuns) developed as they learned to live in the south Louisiana swamps. Creole food is more refined and subtler. Cajun food is pungent and more highly spiced.” (Source: Ochef.com)

Tower of sesame rings – Php 195
Chicken Marsaaka With Creole-Style Mushroom Sauce – Php 260
Jack Daniels Chicken Steak – Php 310
Kids’ Meal – Php 190
St. Patrick’s Day Iced Tea

KKK restaurant in Manila, of the eponymous independence movement, promises to revolutionize food. I thought the decor was rather nice and I enjoyed eating here with the Butterball.

Spicy Squid
Kanin ng KKK
Presenting the Philippine jeepney

Random restaurant chains. I particularly enjoyed downing an entire pitcher of frozen margarita at the nearby Tia Maria.

With my cousin Mikey at the food depot.
Really crappy sausage sandwiches
Said pitcher
Blue Cheese Burger at Brother’s Burger
The quiche lorraine meal at Delifrance
Hotsilog (hotdog, sinangag or fried rice, itlog or egg) at Tides Bar, where the waiters are pretty spiffy and present random dances for entertainment.
From the Distillery, which has rapidly become the hotspot for poseurs. At real bars, you don’t f-in stay prim and pretty.

My Aunt Tami and Uncle Nelson’s favorite yakitori place, Nanbantei, has pretty interesting stuff. Love the bacon-wrapped skewered potatoes and the smoky rice cakes.

They don’t look like much, but they’re crispy and delicious!

Monsees Cafe, where my mom spent her birthday with her prayer group. It was a blessing that I just sat there and stuffed my mouth because I think I would’ve been pretty offensive. The cupcakes, though pretty, were as dry as the Old Testament.

Pasta Carbonara was really good.
Smoked beef quiches
Black on White
Ensaymada – a Spanish roll made better by my homeland. Of course.

Aaaand nothing beats anything served by the fam.

It takes two to make Vietnamese coffee. My cousin Basti and his wife, Nikki.
Fried chicken
Bread pudding with chocolate sauce
Mussels with melted cheese

And for dessert, some gelato. Again, what is the difference between gelato and ice cream? This question had earlier been settled by the muscly man at Sol Gelato, but let’s hear it from a foodie: “For a product to carry the label of “ice cream” in the US it has to have a minimum 10% fat content. Lower quality ice cream will be around 11 or 12%, while higher quality products will hit 16% and higher. Gelato is a different thing all together- since the milk-to-cream ratio is much higher, the fat content is significantly lower- anywhere between 3 and 8%.” (Source: ItalyinSF.com)

I truly, truly like the fact that at Gelatissimo in Bonifacio High Street, they give you visual cues of what goes into the gelato, just in case you don’t know what chocolate or a wedge of lemon pie looks like.

Mmmm… appetizing…

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