Anand and Kristine’s Infinite Gullet

I had the best roommate in the world in Jakarta, because one, I didn’t speak to cats and two, he couldn’t steal my boyfriend (I think). It was a pretty spectacular, calm, enjoyable six months at that flat in Taman Rasuna.

Apart from braiding each other’s back hair and talking about the future of humanity over smokes, I was pretty lucky that Anand and I could bond over food. Having been the former managing editor of Time Out Jakarta, he had a knack for keeping up to date on new restaurants and bars and was essentially my food guide to all the best eating and drinking spots in town. For that — and for him being a benevolent landlord and a great friend — I am infinitely grateful.

Here are parts of our food journey, not necessarily in order. (Pictures not included, such as our wonderful lunch at Duck King, or that lovely bottled water we shared at Stadium, are probably best kept as memories.)

Anand, buried in the menu.
Gazpacho. Acidic.
Eggs Benedict
Steak and Eggs. Herb butter is the best.
Fruits and yogurt.
Always brimming with expats.
Reverse psychology for you.
A sweet ending to what I believe was another night gorging.
P.S. I wasn’t wearing a bra!!!
Cheese fondue, with fresh roasted garlic that the waiter will happily squeeze out of the bulb onto your plate.
Seafood risotto – creamy and yummy!
Garlic gelato. Surprisingly not that bad.
French onion soup with a crust of Gruyere cheese
Orange juice just like the milkman made it
Grilled red snapper, herb butter sauce with potato balls and steamed asparagus
The happy managing editor with his duck dish.
Chicken, asparagus and egg sandwich
Two for one!
His duck and risotto. May I mention that JackRabbit also serves bread with foie gras butter and mango butter, both delicious.

One thought on “Anand and Kristine’s Infinite Gullet

  1. Aww, so many calories, so many memories. And of course I can't forget all the lovely food you cooked for me. Mmm fried tofu chips, fried salmon, fried cheese… Ah, those were some good times. Miss you roomie, you've left a lot of empty space in my refrigerator, and my heart : ' )

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