Shooting in Jakarta

Just a quick note to my military father to let him know that his sharpshooting gene had somehow been passed on to his daughter.

I went to Aries Shooting Club, the shooting range in Senayan, Jakarta (also known as Lapangan Tembak Senayan) one weekend for some catharsis. I walked in, got greeted by beefy policemen and was able to rent a caliber .22 handgun plus 150 bullets for Rp 1,500,000. Pricey, I know. They also carry rifles and sell extra sets of 50 bullets for Rp 500,000.

I was also introduced to a retired Army officer, Mr. Halim, who was supposed to babysit me for the entire duration. I had to stand 10 meters away from the target to start with and wear those huge muffs for the first few rounds. But after seeing my proficiency and responding to my girlish glee, he allowed me to ditch the muffs and stand farther back.

The place was clean, with a bed of grass between you and the target. The field — uncovered but walled — was filled with my empty, smoking shells, which I wasn’t allowed to keep as souvenirs because it was “dangerous.”

The place was empty, save for me and three “assistants,” so it was no surprise that halfway through my target shooting, I looked behind me and saw a bleacher of security forces ogling the girl in the skimpy skirt.

It was all over in two hours and they walked me out in thanks. Mr. Halim demanded a tip, which I found quite rude, but I didn’t argue at gunpoint. Kidding. Now, if they could somehow strap a boy against the wall …

My best. Third attempt.

Contact: Adi (021) 949 10787
Landmarks: Near Hotel Mulia and right across Lapangan Tembak Senayan Bakso restaurant


5 thoughts on “Shooting in Jakarta

  1. I'm sure you can ask, maybe less bullets, etc. I don't know if other shooting ranges have cheaper. Mr Halim basically TOOK 500,000 rupiah from my hands as tip. You should keep it at your discretion.

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