Are You Not Entertained?

Dear Newsbreak Family,

Sorry I haven’t been e-mailing you guys of late, nor have I been accomplishing stories assigned to me by Ms. Glenda. 😦

It’s been crazy at G these past few months because a) we hemorrhaged a lot of people and sometimes had to work entire shifts without taking requisite pee breaks as a result and b) we are moving to a new building soon, because of a merger with two Indonesian news sites and everyone’s been bogged down in the logistics of it all. Such a nightmare, on top of the mind-numbing trudging through copy every day.

Which was why I was glad when a film crew burst into our newsroom on Friday and held us hostage for a film called “DO,” which is trying to beat the world record for fastest production time. The director, a kooky ponytail-sporting character, pulled me out of my desk and asked me to be an extra — the shining moment of my short-lived entertainment career.

Basically, I had to sit and chat with my Aussie workmate while the camera pans to the left, following the lead actress as she flounces down the hall. I got a speaking part, too. I had to say “Hi” as she was passing by. I’m sure the film will be abysmal, not only because it will be shot and screened for the masses within 9 days, but because the film’s premise is this: Girl gets inspired by Obama, Girl goes blind. I don’t know if the two are related.

On the other hand, I have seen my party life cut sharply recently (a blessing, for sure) because someone slashed my bag and took my wallet at a Deftones concert last month. While waiting for payday and a replacement ATM card, I survived on eating tofu and tempe (a really tasty bean cake) once a day and saving transportation money by hiking to work.

From my apartment, which I share with my Indonesian-Indian [American] roommate A, it takes 40 minutes to get to work in ballet flats and an extra 5 minutes when I am in heels (not because I’m slower, but because I often get accosted by Middle Eastern men along this road called KP). Needless to say, I actually started saving money because I couldn’t touch my funds, and it has done wonders for my figure. And of course, poverty teaches one a great many things about survival — and scrimping.

During these austerity measures, I became sick with gastrointestinal problems as well as a series of migraines (from the weight of my thoughts!) though I am saving all my diseases for when I can come home to the Philippines and have a good checkup with a doctor I can trust not to prescribe me cat tranquilizer medicine. When I get access to my cash soon, I will be all the wiser and all the slimmer (joke!) and will no doubt use the money to buy a ticket back to the Philippines sometime during the summer, when I hope I can reconnect with you all once again.

Now, I’m sure you’re all embroiled in the Merci issue and all the radioactive spinach from Japan, but I hope I can hear from you all when you get the chance.

With fond and fatigued thoughts,



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