A Sushi Restaurant with Barely Any Sushi

I can’t believe I’m starting my post with this, but in an increasingly globalized world, you’ll always get a mixing (or clash) of cultures. The same goes for cuisine.

Y&Y, one of those huge restaurants in Grand Indonesia whose cutesy accents overshadows its food’s appeal, is one such example.

Take for instance this mongrel dish of Italian and Japanese descent. It wasn’t quite as successful a fusion as I had hoped.

Salmon Pesto Soba – Rp 89.000

Or this kiddie meal that came with some nasi goreng, parmesan-dusted french fries, chicken karaage (essentially chicken chunks) and chocolate covered fruit balls.

Yoyo meal – Rp 35.000

Or this Chinese-tasting Indonesian staple, nasi goreng:

Nasi Goreng Siram Seafood – Rp 50.000

But purist notions aside, there was much to be enjoyed in terms of the sheer aesthetics of their dishes.

Hot & Cold Seafood Platter – Rp 215.000

That’s sushi, sashimi, boiled mussels, fish fillet, and really limp tempura, counterbalanced in weight and deliciousness by bread sticks and parmesan-coated french fries at opposite ends. Sauces include balsamic vinegar, chili sauce, garlic mayo and terikayi sauce.

And the somewhat creative names of drinks.

This was called “Urban Chocolate” (Rp. 40.000), which sounded either like a rap album or an African-American porn star. Other choices were “Edgy Strawberry” and “Voltus Vanilla,” the latter of which I suspect has no real meaning.

And this was “ByeBye Cholesterol,” or apricot and orange juice. They had a bunch of beverages that seemed to peddle anything from aphrodisiacs (Hot Stuff – mint, ginger, pineapple) to youth elixirs (Forever Young – apple, ginger, blueberry).

There’s something comically populist about catering to a wide palate by mixing and matching different cuisines, while pandering to your appetite for tacky excesses. That’s a lot to swallow.


One thought on “A Sushi Restaurant with Barely Any Sushi

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