What Kind of Head? Potato Head

I wish I could do this restaurant justice, but I didn’t bring my good camera, so all I have are dark pictures of things shaped like food.

Take my word for it, though, the Potato Head at Pacific Place is a good place to eat and hang out — possibly celebrate one’s birthday (they give cakes topped with a cartoon pig’s head. Happiness!)

The finer points:

  • Dan Powell professes to have eaten an orgasmic plate of roast chicken and mashed potatoes here.
  • The place was pretty cool, with decent music blaring from the speakers and lots of intimate table spaces. There were couches outdoors, a bar inside and booths in the dimly lit interior. One of the walls seemed to be lined in fur. There were dining spaces on the mezzanine, too, but it wasn’t open to the public.
  • The servers have cool uniforms like 19th century gondola drivers.
  •  Loved the typeface on the menus (Old Remington, like the ones used on old typewriters). It esd easy to pretend that I was reading a manuscript or a novel. One of my favorite concepts of all time — deconstructiom– is even listed on the menu’s introduction.
  • Pretty good food. But kind of pricey (Range: P60.000 to P250.000)
  • Their Web site is REALLY FUCKING COOL.
On the far right is Carbonara, which was great. Garlicky.

This was mine. I got kind of sentimental after the first bite, because I realized how long it’s been since I ate pretty decent steak and Portobello mushrooms (my favorite!).

They have a pretty interesting selection of cocktails. But I value my vitamin C, so:

My solo meal: the orgasmic roast chicken and Erdinger.

That was good potato head.


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