Real Prosciutto

On a random day, my friend and I tried out PEPeNERO Cucina Italia on the first floor of the Menara Karya building in Mega Kuningan.

I think we’re on an informal quest to test whether Lonely Planet got it right when they recommended certain places. I mean, Popeye’s is on the list of good eats, which I think casts doubt on the staff’s taste. 😛

Anyway, PEPeNERO is kind of upscale, with nice tables decked out with flowers and paper place mats (recycled, which is good). It’s nice for dates or wiling away sizzling afternoons with friends and family.

They have a good selection of Italian food at fairly affordable prices (average: Rp 40.000 per dish). And you get a free basket of assorted yummy bread sticks/ fried molo wrappers and some sort of bruschetta.

To be safe, I got the Gnocchi di Ricotta all Burro e Grana, or homemade ricotta cheese and fish herb gnocchi with butter and parmesan, though I saw some pretty interesting items on the menu like black pasta in salmon cream sauce.
This was actually pretty good, even if it doesn’t look much. The butter sauce complemented the slightly salty taste of the ricotta-filled gnocci. Lovely.
The real prize, though, was the Prosciutto Funghi Pizza, with real ham on top! Considering it’s hard to get decent meat (much less pork) here in Jakarta, it’s pretty heartening to find a restaurant that has real pork. Most other restaurants use beef substitutes or really crappy, super flaccid pork. So this was great.
Not a bad call, Lonely Planet. Not a bad call.

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