The Morning After

After a rough night clubbing or partying (I’m ashamed those are even part of my vocabulary now, but it’s one of the major ways we bond), I like to have a nice Bloody Mary and good comfort food the next day.

The day after one particularly rough night, which featured an unsavory run-in with a co-worker at 4 a.m., my friend Dave invited me for brunch at Loewy, a nice bistro at Oakwood in Mega Kuningan.

The place is huge, with wooden floors and cushioned booths. Old pop culture posters line the walls, lending the place a kind of old Western pub feel. I think this is one of many spots where foreigners go for food that tastes familiar after all the nasi gorengs and baksos.

The menu features Italian, Mexican, American, French and even Moroccan fare. Watch out, though, because nostalgia comes at a steep price.

Fresh crab ravioli – Rp 70,000.

They weren’t joking when they said “fresh crab.” I tasted a bit of Dave’s order and it definitely tasted fresh. So fresh and kind of weird that Dave thought it was tuna.

Potato wedges – P20,000
(The Big) Enchilada – Beef – P60,000
Traditional flour tortilla filled with meat and chili sauce then rolled

I like how they call it (The Big) Enchilada on the menu, because the word “big” echoes in my head. It tasted pretty good, actually, like an actual Mexican enchilada, which is a relief. It came with a serving of ranch dressing and fresh guacamole. Just to stay healthy, I ordered a creamed spinach dish on the side:

Creamy spinach – P20,000

To ease my hangover, I got a Bloody Mary, served without alcohol because it is Ramadan. Plus some fresh apple juice for vitamin C.

It was pretty refreshing, but not as awesome as Cafe Batavia’s Bloody Mary, which has a real kick to it. The meal we had was pretty decent. Once you get sick of all the chili-encrusted food in Jakarta, you’ll learn to appreciate spots like this.

Oh, and if you’re wondering which clubs NOT to go to, here’s my list, so far:

1. Red Square (Plaza Senayan Arcadia, Jl New Delhi 9) – too noisy, too artificial, you’ll just get depressed by all the scantily clad Asian women (attempting to score a sugar daddy) lined up in a row on a stage in the middle of the room. But if you like walk-in refrigerators stockpiled with vodka, then this is the place for you.

2. Stadium (Jl Hayum Waruk 111-FFJJ) – the Lonely Planet Indonesia guide calls this “the big daddy of Jakarta’s scene” and cheekily includes this description: “This ain’t no disco — alcohol is not the drug of choice.” You know why? Because narcotics are the drug of choice. 🙂 The place is massive and dark, with a huge stage where DJs spin, a dance floor with funky lights and VIP couches on the second floor, which overlooks the dance floor.

The place has a gothic feel, with cast-iron devil-tail fences and a huge gargoyle mounted by a sculpture of a naked woman hanging on the ceiling. Hookers (who come in two’s — one lady boy and one chunky chick) are never in short supply. And scoring drugs just takes Rp170,000 or so, bought fresh from the pockets of Indonesian hawkers. Totally not my scene.


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