Stealing From the Kost Fridge

Hi Newsbreak family,

How are you guys doing? Hope you all are well.
It’s almost been a month since I left the Philippines and I really miss home and working at the Newsbreak office, eating everything I want on breaks. Haha. Mostly, I miss being a reporter.
Copy-editing is quite a mind-numbing task that requires a sharp mind and lots of patience. But I feel like my knowledge of grammar has been slipping. I’ve been adding errors to copy (mortal sin, I know!) and tenses have been making me tense talaga. 😛 All that’s left for my bosses to hang on to is my willingness to try harder and work harder. But right now, it sort of seems like this isn’t the job for me.
Purple’s been doing great, I think. She got a lot more guidance from the crew than usual, which I think is a good sign that they like her and want her to do well. She promised to send you guys a lengthy email on the Jakarta experience. 🙂 I look forward to reading that.
Beyond work, there are a lot of things to be enjoyed. The copy edit desk goes on marathon drinking and bantering sessions every now and then. We have a penchant for drinking Bintang, the local brew, beside the pool at AS (the hotel/ serviced apartments building near our office in S). Even when we go out to explore other happening places, we somehow end up poolside. I think that’s why my brain’s been clouded –all the beer has been messing up my mind.
I also like going to the Grand Indonesia mall, which is huge and amazing, just like MC described. I watch movies by myself there or window-shop. Plus, walking around in heels gives me calves a much needed workout. Hehe. I haven’t figured out where to get decent food, though, because all I can seem to get from the groceries I’ve been to are chicken nuggets (this nation loooooves chicken nuggets. Lahat ng brand ng nuggets yata ay nandito) and noodles. Indonesian food is okay, but I don’t really feel sated. It’s like, I miss comfort food like pan de sal and adobo flakes.
I’ve started to cook meals at my kost, which has a communal kitchen. It’s nice because the kitchen has a big refrigerator where I can steal ingredients like butter, ranch dressing and teriyaki sauce.
I was kind of expecting that I wouldn’t miss Filipino food, but I do, especially pork. When MJ’s circle of friends invites me over, they always have good meat around, so I look forward to that. Last time, we had chicharon and I reeled from the taste of something familiar. Don’t take your pork fat for granted! 🙂 
Anyway, things will get more mellow here in Jakarta because it’s Ramadan. During this time, we shouldn’t party too much or look like we’re enjoying our food in front of Muslims, as I was told. If we go to a rowdy bar during the Islamic month, we risk getting bludgeoned by the self-appointed Islamic police FPI or Islamic Defenders Front. It’s interesting to experience being a Christian in a Muslim-dominated world rather than the other way around.
I look forward to Lebaran, the end of Ramadan, because there are all these crazy sales at the mall and all these joyous celebrations. After being deprived of normal eating, drinking, smoking and fornicating routines for a month, I suppose people are just dying to let loose.
In a few hours, I’ll be flying to Singapore via Lion Air because my tourist visa will expire. There, I will meet another fixer who will hopefully get me my work permit. In the interim, I am encouraged to look around Orchard Road and spend as little of the baon they gave me as possible. 
Anyway, I really hope things perk up soon because I’ve been feeling lonely and choked up by work. At least, if things get really bad, I can look forward to going home to my beloved homeland. Hehe. I miss you guys! Hope to hear from you.

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