Mr. Curry

You know how I’m crazy about curry? Well, I found my soulmate at the Grand Indonesia.

I’d like you to meet Mr. Curry. The character, and the restaurant.

Mr. Curry has a pretty interesting back story, according to the restaurant’s official Web site. He’s a legendary chef from Curry Land, presumably in Japan, who stumbled upon fine Japanese curry and is now bent on world domination, from the looks of it.
I stumbled upon this curry restaurant while I was waiting for “Inception” to start. (Side note, the film is nicely done, but it’s idealist rather than materialist.)The restaurant has a very cartoonish feel, from the colorful place mats, to the anime-inspired menu, to the napkins, down to the design of the place. It’s like a country kitchen mashed up with a kooky designer’s idea of Curry Land. Everything was in bright lime.

I ordered a Salmon and Cheese curry, which is essentially breaded salmon with Swiss or Emmenthal cheese (my favorite!), white rice and loads of curry. Every dish swims in the stuff. You can choose from Mild to Spicy curry, in flavors like white, original or extra hot.

Every meal comes with a side salad doused with some yellow stuff that tastes like Japanese mayo with mustard and a hint of wasabi.

I also wanted to try the Seafood Curry Pizza, which came in a pretty intimidating long, wooden platter with another helping of salad.

The pizza was just a rice cake topped with that weird yellow dressing, mozzarella cheese and pieces of mussel, shrimp and squid. Since I had so much rice already and couldn’t eat the rice cake, I just scraped off the yummy goodness at the top!

There’s a reason why the resto’s full name is Japanese Curry & Sweet House. They have a selection of stick desserts and shakes.

I had the mango lassi, which was too sweet for a yogurt-based drink.

They also have a Curry Lassi, which seemed interesting. But I wanted to try their Red Pepper Cheesecake instead.

This was pretty interesting, actually. That red thing on top is like a red pepper-based mousse, but you can barely taste the pepper. There’s a slight sting when you eat the cheesecake, so you know there’s some kick in there. It was pretty good, but I won’t have it again. 😛

As I left Curry Land and the dancing Mr. Curry outside, I thought, I will be back for a visit. Maybe once in a while.


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