Despedida Food

This post is long overdue. One thing I love about goodbyes is that people love to stuff food down your gullet before you leave.

I think it’s because the way to one’s heart is through one’s stomach, and the eating part is their way of saying they love you.

Here’s my boyfriend giving TOSH love. You guys should try The Old Spaghetti House in SM Baguio. The prices are way cheaper and they have sulit combo sets for less than P600:

Mango Shrimp Salad
Pesto Chicken

Partially eaten appetizers (chicken fingers, onion rings and calamari). They don’t serve it partially eaten. Haha.

Four Cheese Pizza

I also served the family some Italiannis love. My Dad was so happy, he said he didn’t expect return on investment this early in my career.
Sicilian Chicken Salad – P650
Fried Calamari – P495

Shrimp Fra Diablo Pasta – P650

Okay, let me just say that this pasta surprised me. When I put a morsel in my mouth, I went like, “ooh!” I haven’t been pleasantly surprised like that before. It was cheesy and flavorful and kind of tangy. Definitely a must-try!
Creme Brulee – P295
Tiramisu – P350 (Not so good)
Italiannis’s food quality is certainly excellent, but I don’t like how their service has degraded in quality over the years. Twice now, waiters failed to place an order. I think it’s because their waiters and waitresses don’t write down the orders, so they just space out and don’t place it. The night we ate there, I had to ask for a menu THRICE! Just shows how they take service for granted.
Anyway, to family and friends, thank you so much for showing the love!

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