Past 3 days

My first three days in Jakarta, in mobile phone pictures.

The food court at Plaza Semanggi, where the newspaper I work for holds office. “Hotplet” is such a funny translation of hot plate.

The first meal I bought for myself on my first day at work. This is a beef kebab with fries and drink from Doner Kebab, which is kind of like a small Burger King. Safe choice.


Gramedia, one of the largest chain of bookstores in Jakarta. I love it because it looks and feels so much like National Bookstore, including the color scheme. Most books are in Bahasa, even the Twilight books.

Right across our office on the 9th floor are a row of bars. At night, when we’re copy editing, we can hear bands playing, so it really upsets my groove, especially if it’s Justin Bieber.

But the view from the balcony is fantastic. Nice to contemplate one’s life here. Or jump to one’s death, which I hear is very popular here in Indonesia.

Foreign copy editor friends invited me to go out with them. We were looking for the Mojito Lounge, which I think is mythical because we never found it. At one point, we ended up in a lounge separated from a bowling alley by red velvet curtains and a thick veil of marijuana smoke. We settled on Red Square, a rowdy bar with lots of old White dudes with open shirts and skanky Asian chicks. (I am so glad I’m still not grouped in that category.)

This is Jackie’s boots. She’s dancing on a table at Red Square. No one came to our corner couch to whisper something in our ears–like other Caucasians did with their chosen chick–or to bust out their little crotch pumping dance moves. Except for a drunk waiter who drooled on the couch. Would Allah approve?

This is the Grand Indonesia mall. Truly amazing building.

Spicy hot soup for lunch on Sunday. Those are assorted shabu shabu balls and tofu. I put too much chili sauce in it. On the upside, nakaka-clear siya ng sinuses.

Even here, people line up for Dairy Queen.


I loved this new DQ flavor: Green Tea with White Chocolate Truffle. P40,000 rupiah.

I’m trying to get used to views like this. It’s very interesting and beautiful, but I still miss home a lot.


3 thoughts on “Past 3 days

  1. Oh no, you should never tell Purple about that balcony. I miss you Tin, reading your posts make me miss you more. Naks. :DSee you soon! 🙂

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