Breakfasts at UCC

My Dad is a sucker for breakfast at UCC. I don’t know why, but every time he gets the chance, he goes there to eat and have coffee.

Sneak off for a date with Mom? UCC. Brunch place for special occasions? UCC. Will pay for French Toast? UCC.
It’s one of those places that attract mid- to high-level executives or businessmen, rich families or preppies with laptops. It’s like a posh Starbucks that’s confused about what to specialize in more– coffee or food.
UCC, which originated in Japan, supposedly serves Euro-Asian food, but I see more of the Euro than the Asian in it. They just put shitake mushrooms in an omelet, for example, and it’s Japanese-Asian.
Most of their food is kind of bland, and I suspect this is one of the reasons why my Dad likes it there because he’s not a big fan of salt.
Check it:

Spinach and Salmon Penne
Cinnamon French Toast (cut up into little pieces so you don’t tire yourself out)
Cliffhanger (like a Montecristo sandwich, only with chicken and bacon)
As for drinks, their coffee (a specialty) is actually very flavorful. Beyond that, I have nothing to look forward to, except spend quality time with my dad.

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