What’s eating Singapore? Part 2: Buffet, canteen, box set


The buffet at Rise Restaurant cost S$44 (P1,672), and featured the bastardized, familiar version of everything–from the fried wonton dumplings to the Coco Crunch that taste the same anywhere. (Yes, they had a cereal station.)
My hand shook as I signed my check for breakfast at the Marina Bay Sands hotel. I mean, seriously, I could have bought 10 McMuffin meals with that.
Salad with ranch and radishes, Herbed salmon, salted salmon, cheese selection, pears, mango danish
Yang chow fried rice, glutinous rice with chicken, Shanghai roll, white cabbage, fried shrimp dumplings, pad thai, hash browns, pancakes, pork and chicken sausage
While I was chewing, I practiced my find-the-Filipino-in-the-room skills. My companions on the trip said they could tell if someone was a Pinoy or not just by looking at the face. I just listen to the accent.
Interesting find at the fruit station. This is the snake fruit or Salak, which tastes like a dehydrated apple. It’s actually from Indonesia, I think.
In Singapore, there are pockets of communities that begin with Little. Name an Asian country and they have it. Little India, Little Malaysia, Little Philippines. Go there on a Sunday and you’ll find said race congregating at their Little area.
I wonder why Chinatown isn’t Little China. Maybe ’cause it’s not little.
Anyway, we ate at the A.B. Mohammad restaurant. The sign claims it’s the best Muslim food restaurant in the area. I’m thinking they’re right.

Chicken in tomato sauce (tasted like Parmigiana, actually)

Baked chicken with mint sauce (a bit spicy. And I don’t know how they make the chicken look red)

This is chicken dosai with yogurt and tomato sauces. Dosai is an Indian crepe.


Sweet stuff! The balls at the lower left are Java plums.


Got these mango cookies for pasalubong because they were soooo goooooood:


S$6.80 or P258. It was very good! The serving was large, soup was nice and creamy. Bread was crunchy and buttery.
Hot chocolate (S$5) which is not smart to have when you already have super hot soup for brunch.

Yum yum yum!


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