Election Poodle

In politics, we rarely get any sweet endings.

The consensus among political analysts regarding this year’s elections is that “The mode of electing officials changed, but politics didn’t.”

I can understand why.

  • Sore losers are still bickering.
  • Pockets of election cheating happened, just not in the places these sore losers claim. (Check the numbers, y’all, you can analyze anomalies in PCOS machine ERs)
  • Many political dynasties prevailed (some were decimated, though). New blood trickled in, but we don’t expect them to behave forever.
  • We elected a number of celebrities, including Pacquiao, no matter how questionable this seems to the elite. We know voters acted rationally, choosing someone they trust to give a quick fix, as opposed to Chongbian, who was of a political family but had no track record in the eyes of people.
  • A tyrant was allowed to seek a lower post in her hometown and WON! Despite the fact her political legacy includes: ruining our democratic institutions, paranoia in appointing incompetent bureaucrats as long as they bended to her will, and a bloody trail in her wake.
  • Mainstream media was frenzied, trying to one-up each other with CG effects, but did they cut through the bullshit and raise legitimate issues? Oh, Anne Curtis’s boob slip got more coverage than JC Delos Reyes, what does that say?
  • We in alternative media tried to fill in the blanks, but were stretched thin. We have the eyebags to show for it, y’all!
  • Since we weren’t paying attention to them so much, some questionable party-lists, Senators and vice presidents slipped by unnoticed. Lucky them.
  • Oh, and the coup de grace, we (maybe you did, I didn’t get to) elected as president the “safest choice”, a trigger-happy blank slate who seemed meek compared to a crafty businessman, a convicted plunderer, and an elitist. Yet he hasn’t even been proclaimed yet, and he is displaying the makings of a trapo and a brat. (In 6 years, you’ll see.)

But it’s all not hopeless, you see. Because for every anomaly and every oppression, there will always be an equal and opposite reaction. *wink!*

Trust me, my officemates and editors weren’t too happy with what we saw this elections (except, maybe the male models Edu Manzano had as campaign staff).

To turn things around, we had Cafe Uno (Tomas Morato branch) cakes and pastries to toast to our hard work and to ease our disappointments. Mababaw kaligayahan namin eh.

Creme Brulee! My first love.
Lemon Torte with Cream

There’s our superficial sweet ending.


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