Bilog na Hugis Itlog

Tuna Croquettes recipe

Descended from the Romans, who used to make rissoles (meat packed in pastry), croquettes have been around for a long long time. Here’s how to make them:


Mashed potatoes
Minced meat, in this case tuna*
Bread Crumbs
Hand model: Manang Inday


1. Heat some mashed potatoes and season with your favorite flavorings. Personally, I like chives with a bit of sour cream. Sautee some tuna in olive oil and finely chopped onions. Let the potatoes and the minced meat cool for a few hours.

2. Once cool, form several egg shapes with the mashed potatoes. Make a deep dent in the middle of the potato mound where you can place a tablespoon of meat. Carefully fold mashed potato around the meat and roll it between your palms to make the egg shape.

3. Prepare the flour, egg mixture and bread crumbs in separate dishes. Roll the eggs in flour, then the egg mixture and coat them in the bread crumbs. Deep fry until surface is golden brown. Serve with mayonnaise, salsa, sour cream, gravy or ketchup. Enjoy!

*I’ve since stopped eating tuna because they are now endangered.


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