Carlo’s Pizza/ Sol Gelato

My brother got his first paycheck as a professional baby-and-assorted-people photographer, so he treated us to pizza and pasta at Carlo’s Pizza, McKinley Hill.

That night, this British kid named Charlie Green was having a concert al fresco. At 11, he has the slightly feminine baritone apt for old showtunes and Motown hits.
It was quite pleasant actually, if you imagine he’s just a voice playing over the in-house speakers.
Hearing him sing, my Dad asks: “Iyan ba si Justin Bieber?” I can see how he can mistake Green for Bieber, since both sound like beautiful black women.
Anyway, the food we ate:
Sausages in Olive Oil – P240
Slices of Chorizo de Bilbao, Hungarian sausage, Italian sausage, black olives, and capers sauteed in olive oil. Topped with onion rings.

Potato wedges with bacon and cheese – P160
Crispy potato wedges topped with cheese sauce and bacon bits.
Fettuccini Alfredo (platter) – P355
Classic mushroom cream sauce tossed with fettuccini pasta and topped with bacon bits and parmesan cheese
Pizza Abruzzi – P545 (15 inches)
Pepperoni, ham, bacon and Italian sausage
For dessert, we headed over to Sol Gelato, where the dude who scoops your ice cream looks like a bodybuilder. And he seems like he owns the franchise, so is eager to serve and answer questions like “What is gelato?” and “If Ferrero has alcohol in it can a minor eat it still?”
(Answers: Gelato is just milk and the flavor, unlike ice cream which is sugar, water, milk and the flavor. Yes, kids can eat Ferrero.)

Look at all the colorful mountains of gelato!

My parents had pistachio, my brother had hazelnut, littlest brother had Ferrero (chocolatey and good!), and I had one of the least popular flavors, Lemon Cream.
They thought mine tasted like antibiotics, but I thought it tasted yum like cheesecake or lemon squares. More interesting treats at McKinley Hill, so we’ll be back.

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