Gluttony at Wicked Kitchen

What makes a kitchen wicked? Mean cuisine? Obscenely fatty food? Rude staff?

I’m still trying to figure that one out, after eating at the “Wicked Kitchen” along Mother Ignacia Street in Quezon City.
My friend heard (second-hand) that the place is overrated, but we got good enough food and a nice conversation in the two-floor modernist slab that looked more like an apartment than a restaurant.
Here’s what we got. I’m sorry for the grainy and unappetizing photos, I only had my cellphone camera that day.

Broccoli and cheese chowder – P99
a thick and hearty soup of fresh broccoli and cheddar
Served with crunchy parmesan croutons
Started off with a nice, creamy soup that was delightfully filling. Though the dunked garlic bread was soggy, I still loved the flavors of this soup. It’s like pureed vegetable au gratin. Might try and cook this myself at home. Yum!

Fish N’ Chips – P185
Beer battered fish with a side of chunky fries and garlic mayo
Malt vinegar available upon request
For my main course, I had these medium-sized fish fillets that were sort of bland, like the fish wasn’t marinated properly. Fries are fries, what have you. Went with the malt vinegar (and squeezed that lemon wedge) for my sauce. It’s supposed to have a bit of saltiness, but I ended up just getting all sour flavors. Ick.

Sisig Rice – P147
Spicy sisig and lotsa green chili served with egg (scrambled or sunny side up)
This was served in a funny egg-shaped bowl that dipped on one side like an askew dog collar. It was visually interesting, actually. Anyway, as for the food in the dish, my friend said it was “good enough” but not the best tasting Sisig she’s tried (which is Dencio’s).
Now here’s where it gets sinful.
The restaurant named each of its seven desserts after the seven deadly sins, originally conceptualized by a 14th century monk.
Everything on the dessert menu could be deemed glutinous, as opposed to proud or lustful. Tell me how eating a giant molten chocolate lava cake would make you feel sexy.
Since it was labeled a bestseller, we decided to share Gluttony for dessert.

Gluttony – P145 (single)
definitely a certified Wicked Kitchen bestseller!
Freshly baked giant chocolate chip cookie
Crusty outside but moist and chewy inside. Served with a huge scoop of mantecado* ice cream
The cookie is as big as a salad plate. True to the menu description, it’s crusty on the outside and soft (uncooked) on the inside. At the center of the cookie is a pool of melted chocolate chips.
Let’s just say it was big enough to last us through a 30-minute conversation involving gay porn, work woes, prostitution and plans for graduate school. Worth it.
*In Caribbean, mantecado means heavy cream.

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