Where are the rest of PMA Class 1978?

I recently wrote a story about how well-placed Arroyo’s ‘mistahs’ (classmates) are in the military and police.

They’re truly an established power bloc in the AFP, just as Arroyo had nursed Class 1970 as a power bloc early in her term.

This elections, members of Arroyo’s “pet class” are in the perfect place to guard (or as our source said, alter) votes. (Read Newsbreak: Security of May polls in the hands of Arroyo mistahs here)

We shouldn’t assume that the military and police are homogeneous organizations that act as one frightening organism.

We should see that each element in the military or police acts on individual desires, belief systems, and political philosophies.

That gives us hope that not everyone in the military or police, including batch ’78, have nefarious plans in mind this elections.

Anyway, I’d like to share a sidebar that wasn’t published along with the article. The story of the rest of Class 1978, who are either retired or dead.


A little over half of the 143-member PMA batch 1978 are no longer in the active service.

At least 65 members of Class ‘78 have resigned or retired. Most are now residing in other countries like the United States, Australia, Canada and Saudi Arabia.

Some have remained in the Philippines, but are now working as commercial airline pilots, lawyers, or business owners and executives.

A few are plucked out of their retirement to serve in government.

Brig. Gen. Celedonio Boquiren Jr., for instance, was appointed by Arroyo as Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission chief 8 days after he retired in May 2009.

Two in the class joined politics. Retired Capt. Leovic Dioneda, former mayor of Bacon in Sorsogon, is running for mayor of Sorsogon City this year under the Liberal Party.

Retired Brig. Gen. Danilo Lim, one of a few in the class who graduated from West Point, is running for Senator under the Nacionalista Party.

Lim was involved in the alleged attempt to overthrow Arroyo (his mistah) in 2007 through a military stand-off at the Makati Peninsula Hotel. Meanwhile, 19 members of the class are deceased, with most killed in clashes shortly after their graduation from the PMA.


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