Healthy eats at Oh My Gulay!

Had a relatively less fatty weekend in Baguio with Clifford and Purple (who’s covering the summer sessions of the Supreme Court).

We brought our guest to Oh My Gulay, our first food stop on Saturday, and she went crazy over the art pieces and the ramshackle tree house feel to the place.

Of course, the food never fails to disappoint.

Anak ng Putanesca
Putanesca pasta with parmesan cheese and basil

Itlog Sandwich
with siding of chips and salted cucumber relish plus honey mustard to boot

Garden Pasta
With really really crunchy fresh broccoli, carrots, sweet onions and olive oil

Then we brought her to the souvenir shops at SM Baguio. Check out the food-themed keychains I found for P25 each!

I wanted to buy that sausage keychain at the left, but it kind of looked obscene dangling from the end of my phone.

Later that night, I got a larger, edible version of the tiny sausage at Zola, a restaurant that turns into a sort of bar where over-made-up kids hang out. My Hungarian sausage was nice and juicy, but it had a weird pattern on it, like someone stepped on it with a waffle-soled shoe.

Also had our fair share of nice desserts this weekend, namely fruit crepes and very creamy frozen yogurt.

Apple Crepe (like Apple Strudel)

Kung Fu Crepe – Blueberry sauce folded in

Yogurt from White Hat (SM Baguio) with almonds and peaches

The yogurt tastes like it has a bit of sugar mixed in, but it keeps its sourness. You can pick from a variety of toppings from nuts, fruit slices, candy, and cookies. However, we suspect they don’t really use Oreos for their Oreo topping, because it tasted like Sumo cookies.

It’s worth a first try, but since it’s expensive (P85 for plain large yogurt plus around P 25 to 35 for toppings), I think I’d rather have yummy Haagen Dazs if I’ll splurge anyway.

Still, it was a good, relaxing weekend.


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