Stick House Gelato

Discovered a new dessert place at SM Megamall today called “Stick House” where they serve really delicious gelato in lovely pastel colors.

I think they purposefully chose flavors like strawberry, mango, pistachio, caramel, and milk cream to match the interior design colors of a start-up home. I never thought wall colors could be so delicious.

I tried the white chocolate flavor sprayed with chocolate to make it look marbled. It was creamy and not overwhelmingly sweet. Like Haagen Dazs on a stick.
Since the ice cream has less butterfat and has about equal parts water and sugar, the ice cream isn’t solid but rather takes on a semi-solid state that’s a bit chewy. That also makes it melt a little, though.
The prices, ranging from P60 to P100 plus, depend on what kind of gelato you get. If you get basic flavors like Milk Cream and Chocolate, it’s P60; Pistachio and Coffee cost P80; Mango and Strawberry are P60.
You pay extra P25 for half or full-stick nut toppings of hazelnut, almonds, coffee or pistachio; and extra P25 for either half or full-stick white chocolate or chocolate dip.
It’s served to you on a foil-lined paper boat and you can enjoy it on comfy designer seats while staring at the giant murals of prettily designed gelato pops.
Now, it’s not your best bet to cool down this hot summer because sugar actually warms up your body instead of cooling it down. But for momentary bliss, it’s worth it.

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