Bum Buffet

If food served at buffets are a good measure of economic prosperity, then we’re still in bust.

We met up with family friends at DAD’s/Saisaki/Kamayan along West Avenue to celebrate Ate Thea’s graduation from medical school.

(The P620 all-you-can-eat buffet includes Japanese, Filipino and Continental food plus a free wild animal plush toy every time you order a drink.)

Though the restaurant is known for serving good food, not even Ate Thea’s doctor powers could cure some the ailing food we tried.

Here’s what I got:

From right – counterclockwise: Crab and avocado sushi, Futomaki, Mango and fish, Nigiri, California Maki, and Salmon (center).

Sushi was a bit dry, but tasty enough. Big plus since it’s made fresh by chefs on standby. Ingredients seemed fresh.

Clockwise from right: Gyoza, Yakitori (bite-sized chicken kebab), Seafood in cream sauce, shrimp tempura, Spicy squid strips and Cheese-stuffed meat roll.

This set was by far the best of the bunch. I particularly enjoyed the pan-fried gyoza, the creamy and soft seafood as well as the cheese-stuffed meat roll. Yum!

But then things went downhill.

Clockwise from right: Ham slices, Manchego cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Swiss cheese (center), Turkey Ham, and Genoa Salami.

The cheeses were very dry and flaky, like they were re-re-re-refrigerated several times and brought out again. Some of the meat were sour, and I spotted a bit of mold forming on some. That means it was recycled from previous nights or left hanging in the air for a long time. Yuck.

By the time I finished with the deli platter, all the main courses were wiped out (wanted to try the dry looking paella and roast beef). But since I was depressed by the moldy meat, I got myself a nice hot plate of creamy penne pasta.

That’s an errant piece of caramelized sweet potato on the left, by the way.

Followed by an assortment of desserts that were pretty colorful but tasted old, except for the little blueberry cheesecake tart.

Clockwise from right: Lemon square, Leche flan, Saba in syrup, Blueberry cheesecake, Biscuit roulade? with cream and red sugar topping.

It was overall, a pretty blah buffet. Still, we must be thankful for abundant food, no matter how moldy.


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