Corn Puppies

Binged this weekend at the behest of my boyfriend, who was dead set on sharing an entire tub of ice cream with me to celebrate 1 year and 8 months of being together. (Yehey)

I think the goal is to each become a giant potato spud but still love each other’s shape and eventual root systems despite the fact.

Like the Hungarians, who don’t mind if their partners are fat–they’re still the happiest people in the world.

Here’s how our food foray went down.

Day 1. Teriyaki Boy in SM Baguio. Got the saltiest fish fingers ever. Meanwhile, he was entirely satisfied with good old Katsudon.

I also misread the menu and thought their Crazy Maki would be like the crunchy version of the delicious California Maki. Instead we got a serpentine-looking thing coated in Wasabi, the condiment I hate the most.

Katsudon – P180
(Breaded Pork with onion leeks and egg topped over steamed white rice)

Crazy Maki Roll with siding of fried Seaweed Strips – P170

Tori Karaage – P165
(Breaded Boneless Chicken with fried Molo Wrappers sprinkled with Mame Nori flakes. Note: Karaage means fried meat or nuggets.)

Dinner was a home cooked meal courtesy of moi.

I went with a kiddie party theme and made corn puppies (Jason’s term for small corn dogs) and hash browns. Here’s the easy peasy amateur recipe:


200 grams Pancake mix
3/4 cup water
1 pack cocktail hotdogs
1 pack frozen hash browns


Mix the pancake mix and water until mixture is smooth. Use beer if you want a fluffier batter. Meanwhile, cook cocktail hotdogs in a hot pan with about 1/2 cup of water or simply microwave them for 10 minutes.

Heat oil in a pan. Coat hotdogs in batter then fry until golden brown. Serve with nacho cheese dip, sour cream or ranch dressing.

If you want to make hash browns from scratch, I can’t give you any advice on that. I just buy the frozen kind and fry until golden brown. Yum!

There was enough kiddie party food left over for breakfast the next day.

Day 2. Ever try having 4 quarts of Cookies N’ Cream for breakfast, followed by fried leftovers? Don’t try it.

Later on in the day, Jason wanted me to try really cheap but good pizza called “Lots’A Pizza.” They’ve got sizes from single to 18 inch pizza pies for P200 or less.

14 inch Roast Beef and Cheese flavored pizza – P165
(Roast beef my foot, it looked like pepperoni or ham)

The pizza tasted like Greenwich pizza, which in turn tastes like something anyone with pizza dough, tomato sauce, cheddar cheese and meat bits can make. So it was actually pretty good! The crust was very crunchy.

Also got Max’s Tea House sharksfin siomai, which is more expensive than other run-of-the-mill kiosk-type siomai, but it tastes better because of the shitake mushrooms added in.

Sharksfin Siomai – P55 for 3 pieces

The rest of the day was spent eating food at bus stops. I think I subconsciously continued the kiddie party theme. Observe:

Spam and Vegetable casserole – P65

Manang Manlalako’s Grilled Origami Hotdog – P35

Someone get me on a treadmill!

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