Tool to Taste

The frontman of my favorite bands EVER (Tool and A Perfect Circle), the only two bands I would willingly shell out a quarter million on concert tickets for, has just made a foray into alcoholic beverage manufacture.

Promotional photo for the documentary “Blood Into Wine”
(view the trailer here)

Think of the most bad-ass man on earth toiling in the sun to coax bad-ass grapes out of the soil, formulating bad-ass wine, designing bad-ass sexy bottles of “Judith” as a f*ck you to everyone who said you can’t make wine in Arifrigginzona!

I mean, all that’s left for me to see is if he wraps his feet in plastic and dances on a slushy vat of “Judith” grapes WHILE singing “Judith.” I’m sure fans out there will buy the wine if only as a homage to his sweat, music and plastic feet juice. Perfect marketing strategy, he can make a cult out of his wine business, I swear.

I hope they sell his wine here soon. GIMME A BOTTLE!!


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