New Year’s Stressolutions

1. Wear more pants.

Skirts are pretty and they give your delicates a nice breeze. But if I want an assignment covering Mindanao or going into any warzone, I can’t do it in a skirt and heels. It’s been going well so far, and everyone’s so shocked my legs are covered.
2. Wake up earlier.
I’ve tried almost everything to wake up in the morning. I have tried dual alarm clocks. I have enlisted the help of my Mom to scream “Wake up!” every 5 minutes starting 8 a.m. I have tried sleeping earlier. But nothing works, except if I have a really crucial interview in the morning.
But I need this. Mornings give you a head start. Extra time in the morning means you can get off work earlier and be with your family. Mornings make you feel fresh and energized and you do things quicker. You can get more things done. You can make time to exercise.
3. Lose 20 pounds.

All I need is discipline and someone to tell me I’m fat.
4. Make more effort to save.
Pay my debts (basically pay my brother for the SLR camera I bought), refill my savings account and understand why I shouldn’t use my ATM like a wallet. Also, become more of a cheap date. I should take boyfriend’s advice and stop spending unnecessarily on “panandaliang kaligayahan (short-term happiness).” Let’s hike up savings to 30% shall we?
5. Stop riding cabs. Either learn how to drive or commute again.

I’m sorry manong cab drivers, but some of you charge really high by putting “butingting” on your meters. Butingting is something that makes the charge meter run faster. Anyway, I heard you guys want to hike up the flag-down rate by 10 pesos. I’m sure you’re struggling to feed your families, but I can’t afford your service anymore.
It’s a matter of competing interests: a taxi driver’s livelihood and a customer’s livelihood. Made worse by the fact we all are exploited and have less of the economic pie to eat from.
6. Start scoping out Master’s degree opportunities abroad.
I’d love to learn something new. Like psychology, economics or international relations. With some time to spare, I’d love to learn graphic design.

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