Rock Poodle

I was fortunate enough to have been invited to cover the music video shoot of rock band Franco around a month ago.

I came early, walking through the compound where the video was shot in my tiny skirt and heels, earning unwanted attention from construction workers.

When I arrived on set, I was able to interview the music video director and watch the staff transform the scenery into something the band would like to be filmed in.

When the band arrived, Ms. Maria (big fan of lead singer Franco Reyes since she was in high school) and I had to stick around for a few takes before we got the band to do a webcast with us.

See accompanying article here.

I got a kick out of the fact that Buwi Meneses, bassist for Parokya ni Edgar and Franco, was holding my recorder throughout the whole interview. Also, I loved “Cast Away” ever since I heard it.

Here’s a transcript of the things you don’t hear on the webcast, both before and after we finished shooting questions:

Gabby Alipe of Urbandub (arranging themselves on the bench): Isquiz togeder. Okay? Isquish togeder. M-T-B.
(boys laugh)
Me: So pwede po parang sa beginning just say, ‘Hi we’re Franco and then introduce yourselves?’
Ocho Toleran of Queso: Hot no? (noticing the sweat on my nose)
Gabby: You’re hot daw sabi niya.
(boys laugh)
Maria: We’re hot?
Ocho: Oo naman ano. Very, very hot.
Me (very shrill now): Tapos we’ll be reading you po questions from fans.
Ocho: Talaga?
Me: Yeah.
Gabby: Mm-kay.
Me: So short and sweet.
Buwi Meneses of Parokya ni Edgar: Naka-on na ‘to eh no? (Franco: ha?) Naka-on na ‘to?
Me: Opo.
Buwi: So, ‘Hi, we’re Franco.’ (Maria: Wait lang!) Oo nga. (Maria: That was just the directions)
Franco: See, that’s how ready Buwi is.

Gabby: Reydi.
Me: 1, 2, 3.
Gabby: Chugeder, okay? Chugeder. One choo chree, chugeder!
Franco Reyes (jokes): Say weed! Say weed! Haha.
Gabby: Okay, one choo chree.
All: Hi, we’re Franco… (silence)
Gabby: And we’re chugeder.
Me: Um… Hi we’re Franco tapos you introduce yourselves.
Buwi: Ah, alright. Alright.
Gabby: Una si JanJan tapos paganon. (motions from his right to his left)
JanJan Mendoza of Urbandub: Ako lang ako lang.

Maria: Okay, thank you!
Franco: Thank you!
Gabby: Tama ba ‘yong mga sagot namin? (laughs)
Maria: O, picture daw siya! (meaning, me)
Off-cam photographer: Group shot.
Buwi: Here you go. (hands recorder)
Me (demure kunyari): Thank you..

That’s me in the middle, and everyone’s laughing because of the pick-up joke.

(photographer shoots some pictures)
Maria: project naman nang konti oh!
Ocho: May langaw kasi dito.
(snickers and laughs. I drop my stuff and move forward to sit with them on the bench)
Gabby: picture, sige!
Me: Yeay.
Ocho: Sa gitna ka nalang.
Maria: Yees!
(I sit cushy between Mr. Toleran and Mr. Reyes)
Ocho (joking or teasing): May boyfriend ka na ba?
Me: Meron na po.
(boys laugh)
Ocho: Pangalan ng boyfriend mo?
(snickers from some of the boys)
Gabby: So where were you after this?
(big round of laughs from all the band)
Ocho: Where were you?
Franco: Okay yun ah. Where WERE you. AFTER this.
Franco: I said..
Gabby (in sing-song voice): I said..
Boys in unison (joking): Where were you.. after this!
(Ms. Maria finishes taking several pictures on my digicam with a weak shutter)
Me: Thank you po! (leaves bench)
Band: Thank you, ma’am!

Obviously most of that stemmed from an internal joke among the band members, especially the joke pick-up lines. It’s sort of like, “So, what’s a girl like you?” or “Hey miss, can I have your cellphone?”

I noticed they’re all very ready to laugh, and are most always in a joking or jovial mood when the situation calls for it (meaning, when it comes to work they’re very professional). It was a great experience, talking and meeting the band.

I will definitely buy their album!


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