Shaquille O’ Neal’s alleged affair

Shaquille O’ Neal is rumored to be having an affair with another NBA player’s fiancee AND another NBA basketball player’s ex-girlfriend.

Though infidelity happens every day, it just seems more prominent because there have been 2 professional athletes reported to have allegedly cheated on their wives this past month, namely, Tiger Woods and Manny Pacquiao.

That’s the sort of thing that makes you not want to marry.

This gossip blog reported that Shaq has been dallying with Wizards player Gilbert Arenas’s fiancee Laura Govan.

They even have screenshots of alleged e-mail messages exchanged between Govan and Shaq sent through their phones. Something like:

S: What hotel room are you in? Can I make love with you?
L: As long as you make me cum, LOL

It’s disturbing how they misspell.

The same gossip blog reported that Shaq also had a recent affair with Latosha Lee, a former girlfriend of NBA player Damien Wilkins.

Their e-mails are juicy and will certainly appeal to the prurient interests of the public.

In the alleged correspondence, Latosha and Shaq are often fighting since Latosha makes him buy things (a purse, a plane ticket, anything to make her feel like his lady) and Shaq clues in on how she’s using him.

Then they fight and patch things up at times, with Shaq asking when he can do her.

Of course, these reports are unsubstantiated and we can’t really post anything on our news site unless a reputable news organization in the States publishes a story.

If these rumors are true, Shaq’s going for wives or girlfriends of his fellow NBA players. Govan is even his wife Shaunie’s friend.

Interestingly, Shaunie O’Neal said something on her Twitter account, while their divorce proceedings are ongoing, to this effect: “Got all the proof 2day, never woulda thought this person. Smh, can’t trust no damn body! But its all good, gotta know who to watch.

The O’Neil couple reportedly decided to divorce because Shaq reportedly found out that Shaunie was hiding money and investments AND having an affair with a personal trainer.

The same report said Shaq has a “wandering eye.”

Shaunie cited irreconcilable differences around 2 years after they first tried to get divorced in 2007. They patched things up briefly before they fought again.

Our sports editor remarked how affairs are sort of occupational hazards for basketball players because they’re on tour all the time and there are always hot young things ready to shag.

Still, there’s no excuse for infidelity.

As my cousin Basti (a huge fan of Tiger Woods) said, getting married doesn’t mean you’re required to be monogamous but that you CHOOSE to love and be faithful to your partner. It becomes a personal principle.

Cheating, then, means you undermine your own principles. And to Ayn Rand fans like my cousin Basti, that’s like the nearest thing to sin.

But this is just me, musing in my spare time. Better follow it up though, right?

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