Bilog Na Pagkain

In advertising class, back in college, we were taught that people are attracted by round shapes.

Which is why Sharon Cuneta is a really effective ad model.

Anyway, lately I’ve gotten a collection of round food. No question why they’re so attractive, because they’re interesting to look at.

Mashed Potato – P100 (side dish to a veggie meat burger meal)

It looks like two giant eyeballs, doesn’t it? That’s actually an interesting idea–whether you can actually mold buttery mashed potatoes into sculptures. I want to try that sometime.

Veggie meat burger patties – P100 (came with a meal)

These were pretty tasteless, but I suppose you could mask that with gravy. These were really thick patties, though, like two heavy-set butt cheeks. Yum.

Starbucks obese penguin gingerbread cookie – P65

It looked to me like Starbucks attempted to make a star, only it turned out fatter than they expected so they decided to make them into penguins instead. Anyway, though it’s nice to look at and is theoretically nice to eat with overpriced coffee, I didn’t like the sort of raw egg yolk taste it had as I chewed. Poor effort.

Dessert Solutions Banana Cobbler – P65

Round cups, round bananas, round layers of cream, banana with brown sugar, and crushed gingerbread. When I’m feeling particularly depressed that day because of tiring coverage or the inability to focus or the fact that so many sources AREN’T REPLYING, I buy this.

Lastly, a round lemon cheesecake with swirls and round fruits on top plus a thick oreo chocolate crust below!

From Makati Shangri-La

The fruits aren’t so good. Perhaps they should not have been frozen so long. But the cake was worth every pound around your waistline. 😛

Look how pretty it is!


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