BookSale Beeyatch

The rate at which I have been purchasing books from “Book Sale” is alarming.

It started as a palliative measure to feelings of loss, i.e. distracting oneself by reading and hence, being totally absorbed by plot and characters will effectively channel energies from negative vibes elsewhere (such as stress or PMS).

Then I realized today, as I was purchasing my 8th find in 3 days that I must stop this book shopping spree. (Though books are good for you and help you grow as a person and as a writer.)

But grabbing random softbounds simply because the jacket cover and size of the thing attracted you, I suspect isn’t healthy, especially if you’re spending about P1,000 bucks a pop at the bookshop.

They at least have to have “entertaining!–The (insert publication here)” at the back or “Winner of the Pulitzer Prize” up front.

And the stack goes on.

I suppose I am hoarding reading material for the holidays. Like an early, nerdy Christmas present to myself.

Perhaps I should start a bookworms/bookshoppingholics club.


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