Chasing Ladies

In the political world, wives sometimes work behind-the-scenes, forging alliances or alienating opponents on their husbands’ behalf.

This is precisely my interest.

The first step is to touch base with these political ladies for interviews. So far, I’ve contacted two such ladies.

The speed at which they answer your request is a telltale sign of how accessible they are, or how accessible they want to appear to be.

In fairness to the Philippines’ Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, her office was very quick to respond to my faxed request. Her secretary called me up a day later, and even followed up on the questions I would like to send through e-mail.

Though RP Bruni has a hectic schedule and cannot sit with Newsbreak for an interview at the moment, she is reportedly open to do so sometime after the holidays.

No word on Mrs. Pimpdaddy though. Our senior staff writer warned me she’d be hard to get. But I will try and get her soon.


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