Laptop shopping

With the national elections coming up and the foreseen (hopefully) field reportage, coupled with my brother’s obsessive hoarding of our Compaq Presario — I’ve decided to buy myself those little Netbooks that perform basic computer functions (nothing more) and don’t break your shoulder when you carry them around.

Dad offered to split the cost with me 50/50, so I don’t have to starve myself for 12 months or consider a brief stint at prostitution.

We went around the computer shops at the SM Mall of Asia last weekend, and scoped out possible Netbook choices.

I read extensive computer reviews some months ago and came up with a shortlist of good Netbooks. Then we probed the computer salesmen at the mall, to come up with their own recommendations.

Narrowing the choices down to two, here’s what I got, all 10.1-inch, 2.4 pound seashell laptops:

Lenovo IdeaPad S102
-Atom 1.6 Ghz processor
-512MB- 1GB memory
-80GB-160GB Serial ATA
-Ethernet and Wireless LAN
-2 USB ports, card reader
-built-in extra: webcam

Advantages over the Asus EEE PC:

  • Better graphics (GMA 950) and doesn’t suffer under glare of sunlight, even outside
  • 3-cell battery can be replaced with a 6-cell battery (can last for almost 7 hours). Pretty decent by Netbook standards.
  • Has a face-recognition feature (a la Mission Impossible) that doubles as a password mechanism. Tom Cruise ain’t got nothin’ on this!
  • One-step back-up key and a quick start key
  • Lenovo is a trusted brand
  • It’s pink. And pretty. This is not just for show, it’s to prevent my brother from borrowing it lest he be mistaken for a giant girly-man.
  • Price: P22,000

Asus EEE PC Seashell 1005ha
-Atom 1.66 Ghz processor
-1GB memory
-160GB Hard drive
-Bluetooth 2.1, Ethernet and Wireless LAN
-3 USB ports
-6 cell lithium ion battery (10.5 hours standby time, 6 hours with use)

Advantages over the Lenovo IdeaPad:

  • A VGA port, so you can hook this baby up to a projector for those corporate presentations or film screenings.
  • Reasonably long battery life at 8 hours 11 minutes, on PC tests.
  • Tiny bumpy mouse that looks like it has rashes on it. This is actually a comfortable feature, in lieu of a large keypad. But the screen will leave you squinting in the daylight.
  • Power toggle mode, whatever that is.
  • Comes in both pink, white, and navy blue. Dad wants me to get the navy blue one because he says the white casings yellow with age and overuse.
  • Price: P20,000

I need help deciding.


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