Independent poodle

I just learned today that one of my Newsbreak articles was published in the Asia Views magazine! 🙂 Yeay.

Anyway, in other news, we just had a really eye-opening powwow about the future of independent journalism and whether it is possible in the context of allying one’s organization with media corporations.

It wasn’t the point of the meeting, but it sort of made me think about the eternal question of whether you choose to get sucked into the mainstream or somehow maintain your “integrity” and stay in the margins (with the marginalized?), choosing “alternative” and independent routes.

As if somehow commercialization (lots of money, but no integrity) is somehow diametrically opposed to marginalization (no money, but integrity).

If I were asked, “Poodle, would you choose a job that pays well but gives you no opportunities to do the stories that need to be written because you’re so chained by the daily grind of a 24-hour operation, or would you choose a job that doesn’t have as many financial benefits but allows you to do real, solid investigative journalism?”

I would choose the latter, without question. It’s not noble, it’s not like a martyr-tendency or lip service.

It seems impractical or idealistic, to sort of completely shun financial gain in the name of integrity (our experience proves money is a factor, if anything, in the survival of a brand.)

But really, keeping your integrity (even if it means not enjoying as much moolah) – it’s probably the most practical thing you can do in this vocation.

Because if all else fails, at least you know you’ve done a decent, ethical, public service and you’ve done your bit to change the dysfunctional world.


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