Outsourcing Poodle

Covering the Convergys-Bench Fashion Show at Greenbelt 5

Pop quiz! Okay, so you’ve arrived at the venue early, and are sitting pretty as time passes by, then suddenly your interviewees start coming in.

Jackpot! Here comes two of the prime sources of your article, the country director for the call center company, and the owner of the fashion brand. They’re chatting it up and making nice, and you’re hovering nearby like a vulture out on the prowl for rancid meat.

Do you:

a) Shake the hand of country director or
b) Shake the hand of the owner of the fashion brand
c) Somehow find a way to introduce yourself to them both then interview them at the same time

There’s always social graces involved here, and your sources can tell if you’re fidgety, so C would be positively awkward. Plus C heightens the chance of one of them losing interest and leaving the other person to speak for them.

In my case, I did A and lost B, who apparently was a busy busy bee flitting about in his tailored slacks and ruling his global brand.

Wasn’t able to catch him in the brouhaha. So I should have went for B first, because A was more available later on. So journ kiddies, learn your tactics. It pays. šŸ™‚

Meantime, see me with the campaign’s “Dream Ambassador”, who looks as if he could be molded into metal and made into a Bicentennial Man. I don’t know, that’s just the image I got as I was interviewing him, I thought, “Man, this guy could be smelted and made into an A.I.”

With actor Enchong Dee

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