Week Rundown

Because of this blog, I’ve developed a habit of taking pictures of almost every dish I come across or eat. It’s pretty distracting. And I have to keep track of what everything tasted like.

Here are some of the products of that habit.

This is a mint-chocolate cupcake from Bea Luga’s debut. I wasn’t sure if we could eat these because her aunt made 18 of them. But then Vanessa told me it was good, and grabbed one, so I got one too. I have a weakness for cupcakes. They look so cheerful. Someday I am going to learn to make them.

Salmon Pepper Rice (Sizzling Pepper Steak) – P235

I don’t know why these Japanese sizzling plate restaurants are all the rage now. Haha. But they’re good. I want to try their Kazai burgers sometime, they look good. Anyway, this is sizzling salmon bits (with the skin parts attached. eeeww.) with rice, corn, and teriyaki sauce plus pepper. The rice was sort of buttery and the teriyaki sauce took on a gravy kind of flavor when mixed with the fresh salmon bits. I liked it.

Pork and kutsay dumplings – P112

You remember how I have a soft spot for dumplings? This is the king of all dumplings for me. Haha. I just love the taste of the filling – like minced pork, kutsay or Chinese leek, and the little egg bits – plus the rubbery consistency of the rice flour wrapper. Try it in soup or by itself, it’s super awesome.

Beard Papa’s cream puffs with topping – P55 each

This is a pastry masquerading as a donut pretending to be sweet, but it’s really not. And that’s the beauty of it, I think, that it’s not super sweet. The lady who sells this will push some plain cream into it as filling then hand it to you. Yumyummy.

Veggie Planet’s Vietnamese Noodle thing with brown rice – P100

This tasted kind of like the filling of a lumpiang ubod, only in Vietnamese potato noodle form. If I can’t have white rice, at least I can have noodles. Hahaha. Kung totoo man na pag kumain ka ng noodles, may long life na, then immortal na ako.

Last but not the least:

Dessert Solutions Carrot Cake – P55 for a 3 inch square

While I’ve always admired the creativity of whoever invented the carrot cake, because they came up with a pretty decent tasting cake considering it’s from a vegetable, what I don’t admire is selling what could be a P30 slice of cake for more than that.

It’s like they just came from a party, took home the cake, refrigerated it, sliced it up, and sold it. I only bought it because I was feeling sad today, and wanted some cheering up with a sugar fix after a long while, but guys. It’s not even moist!! Bunny will not be pleased.


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