Graveyard Shift food

Starbuck’s Hungarian Sausage with egg on Ciabatta – P95

I have a theory about extended working hours.

People in developing countries work longer hours than their more developed counterparts because there are less people working (because of unemployment – the cause of which I would beg you to ask Solita Monsod instead. Something about oversupply and lack of demand.)

Among the small number of people who hold jobs and are working within an office, most are incompetent because of the combined factors of:
–lack of education (which translates more to a lack of training than a lack of smarts),
–lack of motivation because of low pay, job mismatch (as in their skills aren’t matched to the job they hold),
–they like gossiping more, they just don’t know any better or don’t give a f*ck,
— or they’re super in love with the coffee machine that they spend time with it all day.

This means, most tasks have to be done over and over, or re-checked by various people – extending working time by a mile.

MiniStop Burger Steak Microwaveable Meal – P49

Should we add this? Exacerbating the situation is the existing set-up of capitalist corporations that are designed to exploit workers.

This essentially means those below do grunt work for longer hours and at lower pay – while those in higher positions do ‘dainty, clerical work’ at higher pay. This explanation may not apply to every company or system.

There is also the rise of 24-hour operations like news, call centers, and fast food joints. In theory, 24 hour cycles allow businesses to stretch their profit because they clinch markets that pop up beyond standard office hours.

This also allows outsourcing outfits like call centers to – of course- be operational when their customers in a different timezone are awake and demanding for service.

News applies to the profit-stretching business model, but the standard excuse is that news happens 24/7 and you gotta have people to watch out for these midnight happenings – like car crashes, secret deals, or the passing of certain constitutional charters.

On a personal level, you may encounter various hurdles that waste time as well. These include: blogging while at work (yeay), getting burnt out by your job and hence wanting to dilly-dally even for just awhile, or you just never learned time management.

And so you find yourself at the office, at the ungodly hour of 1 a.m., and you still have 8 tasks to go. This affects your cells, your brain, your food choices, your budget (cabs home cost more than train rides), and your sanity.

Pampalubag-loob nalang for comparatively poor, overworked citizens. At least you’ll die early, and your suffering will end. So smile.


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