1. Not going to Bangkok as planned. We couldn’t get a return flight. Pooey.

2. Still hating my beat. I’m not growing as a writer, it’s not funny.

3. Still no plans for grad school. And journalism fellowships require you to have 5 years experience. And come on, does anyone even take the Lifestyle frickin’ beat seriously? No.

4. Finance management. Though I love my bank BPI (I hate you BDO) because of its spanking online services and that system where I can save money I can’t touch – I just piss money down the drain really. What do I buy? Corsets, make-up and shoes. Whoooooa.

5. Actual disasters. Flood everywhere and dead bodies piling up. And all anyone I know cares about is how the media reports it with a lot of flaws. It’s true but, come on.

6. Crazy shit went down on a Saturday. Maybe we saw it coming.


1. On the flipside, we would’ve been stranded at the airport anyway, cause our flight out was scheduled the day tropical storm Ondoy hit. Figures.

2. Are the freebies enough to compensate for a shoddy writing career doing something marginally fun but not entirely fulfilling? Not really, no. But I am still thankful I have a job, with the unemployment and all. Is this what the “bitter pill” tastes like?

3. There are people to stay for. When you think about it.

4. Corsets rule.

5. Healing takes place after all the crazy stuff. This is nothing compared to what people will feel a billion years from now when they contemplate the end of solar power. I’m thinking of writing a book about it. Doomsday when the sun runs out of fuel and implodes into a black hole. So. Thank your lucky stars.


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