Dorothy falls off the bandwagon

If you’re depressed, and you want to fill your veins with fat, here are some suggestions.

One. Gram’s Diner Silver Dollar Pancakes (P65) with a big giant glob of maple syrup and oodles of churned butter in the consistency of soft cottage cheese.
I doubt they are as big as silver dollars, but the point is they’re so small and stacked so tightly that you can swallow all 5-piece stacks in one bite.
FACT: there are about 20 different varieties of pancakes all over the world. These include: English pancakes, Yorkshire pudding, French crepes, Italian crespelle, Scottish scones, Australian pikelets, crumpets, Vermont pancakes, Dutch baby pancakes, Pfannkuchen, fladle, Breton galette, Poffertjes, pannekoeken, potato pancakes, palacsinta, palatshinke, Polish nalsniki, Russian blini and blintzes, pooda, apom balik, chataamari and several Korean pancakes.
Two. McDonald’s is also the perfect place for obesity. I personally love (and recently re-discovered my love for) Chicken McNuggets (P102 with fries and drink).
It tastes great, only if you don’t think about the chicken boobies that get separated from chicken with abnormally large breasts (SuperSize Me) and the chemicals like anti-foam chemicals that may have been used in its preparation.
Also, the male chicks that reportedly get shredded live to make them.
I’m sorry maybe I was wrong, this is actually more depressing than it is cheery.
Last. My favorite Gram’s Diner Shoestring Onions (P95) that are super salty and really more greasy than delectable. It’s like a tub of lard straight up your blood stream, it’s perfectemondo.
FUN FACT: Parsley can help get rid of onion breath faster than breath mints.
WEIRD FACT: Onions were buried along with pharaohs in Egypt because they thought it had mystical powers.
I don’t know what kind of mystical powers it has, but really, fatty food in general are a great cure for the blues. Because it has something to do with dopamine, the reward chemical.

2 thoughts on “Dorothy falls off the bandwagon

  1. Yeah, a few posts back. It all started when my boyfriend fed me steak… *cue sad story of me falling off the vegetarian bandwagon after 4 1/2 years*I've been trying to get back on that bandwagon again. It's like alcoholism, only more fatty.

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