All Things Cheesy are Beautiful

A few months ago, when I was still in the habit of eating, I gravitated toward things with melted cheese.

Here are some favorites.

Gram’s diner Cheesy Dog with Shoestring Onions – P195

Gram’s Diner redeemed itself this time, I liked this. It’s basically a fried meat sausage topped with spaghetti sauce and melted cheap cheddar, but daaaaaamn it was comforting. Better than last time, no doubt.

I watched how it was prepared (the hotdog) because I was the lone customer seated at the counter, which has a good view of the kitchen. It’s slightly unsanitary and sloppy, but at least the food comes out good.

Then here’s Mom’s special something. Made with love

Baked penne tomato pasta with melted cheese – P120 retail price (free for daughters)

Anything Mom makes is good, so I’m speechless.

2 thoughts on “All Things Cheesy are Beautiful

  1. I hate you for posting these pics, Tin. Now I'm hungry. I'm here at Shangri-La waiting for the results of the Lakas-Kampi-CMD national executive committee meeting and I'm hungrrrrry. Melted cheese, OMG. Love.

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