1. Being on a self-imposed fasting period. (Break the fast with noodles at midnight plus a prayer for peace of mind).
2. Video plagiarism? I won’t name names until it’s been cleared up, but one of the new channels (with double digits) took sentences from my feature story on the same restaurant and chef they featured. The fuck is that about?
3. In the words of the wife of the boyfriend of the mistress of our National Security adviser, we should be “UNOFFENDABLE” (not a word, but it means “not easily offended”) so we won’t get pissed at things and people.
4. The stress of tranning (travel + planning). It’s so stressure (stress + pressure)*
*first heard this word from Danielle Alessandra “Dana” Crisostomo, my org buddy.

1. My crayons. Jooooke.
2. Thinking about my trip to Baguio this weekend. Much-needed QT.
3. The exciting things in store in Bangkok. Ate Yen told me yesterday that I should go check out “Pat Pong”, a ping-pong show where prostitutes shoot darts and ping-pong balls from their vaginas. That’s like the sexiest story idea I’ve heard so far.

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