Caesar Salad Part 2

Figaro Figaro Figaroooooo!!

Check this out. My Mom and I swung by Figaro for lunch today at the SM Megamall after I covered the 1st Foreign Chambers Lifestyle Expo. Their staff weren’t friendly and they didn’t have the 2 food orders we wanted.

So we settled for the following:

Spanish Chorizo with Cheese on Ciabatta bread with Jam and Side Salad – P199

Old people have this thing for salty and sweet pairings. (Don’t let my Mom read this!) So I guess this suited her just fine. However, the menu clearly stated that the bread was Ciabatta or Italian white bread, which typically has a very crispy crust and sort of chewy and moist fluffiness inside.

Figaro’s “Ciabatta”, however, was plain old white bread without the crust and toasted over a grill to give those brown stripes on it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they put those grill marks in using brown marker. Disappointing.

Caesar Salad – P149

My mother “tsk-tsk”-ed at me for this, because she thinks I’m a corny eater. If they had that damn Grilled Eggplant Sandwich, I would’ve gone for that. But anyway, this one was… BLEH. The greens were sad, the dressing was pale (for Caesar dressing) and tasted like sour Ranch. The croutons were cheesy and chewy. It’s edible, at least.

To the folks at Figaro, maybe you guys should stick to coffee.


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