Tranning (Travel Planning)

We initially wanted to go to Bangkok to accompany our officemate who wants to watch Marat Safin play tennis.

Also, to help her kill Safin’s reported non-pretty, pop star fiancee. (Deadly chopsticks!)
Then she resolved to stay for a week, and we couldn’t, and she had to leave a day late, and we couldn’t. So now, it’s just me and Karen, tranning.
We’ve canvassed airplane ticket prices, hotel prices, hotel transfer prices, food prices, transportation prices, and we’ve decided on a travel agent too.
I wish I could have prepared more for this trip financially, but I am raring to go, because I want a change of scene. Karen wants to go because she’s frustrated she didn’t get to go to London.
I want to eat Thai street food (crickets! scorpions!), see the prostitutes, eat food infused with lemongrass (incidentally my favorite body shop foot powder variety), and take pictures of temples.
Then there’s the drugs and the mobs and the bombings and coup d’etats.
I’m really excited.

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