Yellow poodle

Covering the Cory Aquino commemorative exhibit launch at the Rockwell PowerPlant Mall in Makati

For the record, I was not stalking her as KD said. I just wanted to ask her something.

Journ kiddies, learn to elbow your way through to important people like her, because they won’t talk to you if you simply did what I did and demurely tapped her on the shoulder (earning a frown from her bodyguard for the evening).

I have this bad habit of wanting them to talk to me in private, so I can get their full attention and a possible scoop, but sometimes that won’t be the case.

I did get to ask her 5 1/2 questions (the 1/2 was interrupted), and I did get something juicy from her. So again, try to listen in on media mobs while they interview important people so you know what they missed.

Try to shoot questions of your own, and if you’re like me and you seem to attract certain cameramen, you can ask them to hold your recorder closer to the person. 😀 *wink* Kiddddddding, I don’t do that on purpose.

I need a bit of practice when it comes to being an imposing figure in media mobs. Maybe I need more makeup and a halo of light on my head all the time.

On the upside, I got this:

With Ballsy Aquino-Cruz

Purely for posterity. You never know if this will be significant someday.


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