Instead of paying my phone bill’s surplus charges, my Dad said I should just treat them to burgers.

Instead of burgers, I treated them to a gourmet cafe. I’m sure you all have been to Banapple in Katipunan, where you will wait for half an hour or more to sit in their cozy (tiny) tables.
But it’s worth the wait. If you pick wisely.

House salad for Dad
Dad picked this over ribs, and still liked it, which is more than I can say for many salads he’s tried. He didn’t pick off our plates this time, so that’s another good sign. The overall sweet and crunchy taste of the salad was great, he said, but the greens needed to be chilled a little more. Think Italiannis.

Beef salpicao for Nico

I didn’t try it, nor did my brother say if it was good, but the ‘shrooms looked delicious.

Breaded Cream Dory with Fennel Tartar sauce for me
Bleh. It’s like the T.G.I. Friday’s one I tried only less dry and more oily. Didn’t like it. I can get this from our office cafeteria for less. But the servings were hefty and generally, Banapple dishes are affordable.

3-Sausage pasta for mom

Now this was gooood. It had minced longganisa, hungarian sausage, and bacon bits in it. I mean, they use the same thick cream sauce for all their white sauce-based pastas, but wow. This was really meaty and creamy and good. The fettucine noodles were thick and cooked just right. Awesome.
I paid more than the original amount for my phone bill’s surplus charges, but at least the family was happy.
And when they were happy, I blurted out to my parents that I had gotten a tattoo the weekend prior.
ME: “Ihaveasecondtattoo!”
MOM: “What?”
DAD: ….
MOM: “Who did it, that same guy again?”
ME: “MMhmmm!”
DAD: ….
MOM: “Crazy!”
DAD: …
This morning, my Mom took a look at my tattoo and said it’s great. But it should be the last one. I’m thinking about it.

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