The Flying Gilbert

This note has been rotting in my phone for a while now.

I’ve been watching rugby on the sports channel of late. I don’t know why.

There’s this blond guy from the Scotland team who looks like a beefier Ryan Reynolds who caught my eye. Lost track of him. I think he got buried in the mud.

I think I get what it’s all about now. They fight over an egg-shaped ball named Gilbert.

Every 10 seconds, they climb on top of each other and put their heads into the other team members’ asses, armpits, and crotches; trying to find the egg.

It’s like hugging, only violent.

Nice view, though. Tight shorts perpetually bent over. I’m starting to like this sport. Mind you, not everyone’s hot and godlike.

Some rugby players are balding round the middle and have fat bellies and bad tempers, mostly the ones from Argentina. Not generalizing.

And it’s brutal. When a player gets hurt, they just give him some bandages, slap on some ice, and then throw them back in the field.

On a serious note, there’s this beautiful moment beyond the… ripping, is it? Wrestling? That the player jumps really high to catch the flying Gilbert.

They get help from their teammates, though, who sort of toss them up by the knees. In slow motion, it’s almost like ballet.

At the moment, Scotland’s ass is getting kicked and pummeled. And the announcer just called the blond guy I like stupid.

I think you score when you sail the egg through the giant fork thingies at both end fields.

Do they give out consolations for best bum shots during scrummage? ‘Cause the Scots win on that front.

Ooh, and get this, there’s a player named Scott McCloud! As in comics writer Scott McCloud! Haha!

Downside. I notice most of them are missing teeth. But that’s okay. They don’t smile a lot anyway.

May rugby ba sa Pinas? I think I wanna try it sometime.

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