Fabrication poodle

The latest buzz is how a reporter, who had previously dished out good reports published in a daily (and other outlets), came up with a story riddled with fabricated quotes.
His peers on the beat were quick to denounce the article, saying they were never interviewed for it. The organization he works for now, the epitome of media as state apparatus, has yet to issue a statement on the issue.
You fight these urges as a reporter, to just make up stories instead of go out and gather material the hard way. Then again, that’s why you have bloggers, fiction writers, and reporters in different categories. Decide early on which you want to be.
Hell, if Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein knocked on their reluctant sources’ doors or visited politicians right in their homes to corroborate information, why can’t we go the extra (semi-stalker) investigative mile?
In other news, guess what I saw while our train was stuck near the Santolan Annapolis station yesterday.
I guess Tuesday is No-Crime Day
Free-Donuts Day
Disclaimer: I don’t know for sure why the Philippine National Police have so many police cars sandwiched against each other. This picture in no way discredits the organization. It is meant to be humorous.

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