Cured Orange Salmon

I am a salmon fan.

Aside from the fact they swim against the current just to spawn, wow, they taste good. I’m sorry to the bears, to the wolves, to the environmental activists who want to preserve their population.
I’ve had them in sandwiches and pasta, but not in a nice refreshing salad like the one at the Hotel Intercontinental in Makati.

Cured orange salmon with fresh cucumber and chives cream – Free at the event

Sweet, sweeeet salmon. I can have this every day.
Meanwhile, here’s something I’ll never have again:

Yang chow fried rice (good for 2) – P130
I’m not a big fan of Chinese cuisine on the best of days, but this was exceptionally bad. My brother and I ate at an Ateneo-UP haunt at Loyola Heights called “Wok This Way”, and wow. I mean, the rice I got may as well have been cardboard laced with bland vegetable bits.

I got so sad about it too. So unsatisfying.


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