They said what?

You know how the media like politicians who give great soundbites? Consciously or inadvertently, some of these savvy politicos come out with statements that make you go, “Say what??

Yeah but we air or publish these anyway, ’cause if they don’t make your nose bleed, at least they make you laugh.

This is the first in my collection of verbal vomit. Prizes at the end of the year.

First up, House Speaker Prospero C. Nograles:

“Stop making the President a punching bag. We should concentrate on the donut, not on the hole.

The sitch: said in response to criticisms hurled at Mrs. Arroyo for her lavish spending during foreign trips (read: steak dinner, New York dinner, collecting jet planes, being friends with women who habitually keep $200,000 cash in their handbags, etc.)

The jimmy: Did he just call the president a donut? Oh wait, right, he’s saying donuts are achievements and holes are… holes. I just had this mental image of people punching a hole into a donut with Arroyo’s head on it. Yeah, sorry, Speaker.

The brownies: Points to him for using such vivid imagery. And actually turning food into a moral lesson. Nice.

The digs: It’s just I don’t see any donuts AT ALL in this presidency. Given she wolfs them down. Let’s face it, if you’re going to use the metaphor anyway, Arroyo’s administration is a small donut with a big damn hole. Photo from


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